About us

Our plant has had a long tradition of poultry meat processing since 1870. The factory that was formerly state-owned carries on its activity after the privatisation of Gallfood Pulykafeldolgozó és Értékesítő Kft from the 1st of February 2005. Continuous development and determinative market position of Gallfood Kft. is guaranteed by the vertical integration of the partnership. Most of the slaughtered turkeys (approximately 75%) are provided by the group’s own agricultural farms. As the essential activity of live stock breeding and the processing is in one hand, the keystones of customer relations are the constant good quality of our products, the precise traceability and the reliability.

The oestrous-ratio of the processed turkeys is: male/female 55%-45%. The processed quantity is approximately 2 million birds per year. Half of this volume is sold in the export markets (mostly in the European Union and in Switzerland), the other half is sold for domestic consumption (mainly in super and hypermarket chains). Increasing volumes of fresh, packed, value-added products are exported to the hypermarket chains of Hungary’s neighbouring countries. Two-third of the company’s revenue come from export sales, one-third comes from local distribution (as for 2014, the expected turnover is EUR 52 million in total).

At the slaughtering and cutting room – due to the manual processing and the continuous air cooling – well-known products with permanently high quality are produced. Our main profile is made up of freshly packed turkey cuts. Nevertheless, besides chilled goods we produce frozen, packed goods, as well as – as in long term contracts – unique, value-added products according to the requirements of our clients. Adopting the changes of market demands, new products such as prepared, seasoned, marinated and heat-treated products have gained ground in our product portfolio.

Our plant is a slaughterhouse registered under number of HU-106 EK, where the different export demands are satisfied by technical, technological and personal conditions (high-powered machines, integrated production-management system, qualified and experienced professionals), production is made under continuous and strict animal-health control.

During the process the concerning requirements of hygienic and food-safe regulations are ensured by accredited systems of TÜV Rheinland (ISO 9001:2008 and BRC standard). In the turkey-farms, in the feed-agitators as well as in the slaughterhouse we operate with HACCP system.

At our live-stock farms, as well as at our processing site, we do the waste-management according to environmental expectations. As packing material, we make an effort to use environmental and recyclable materials. Our company is committed to and strictly complies with the principles of European animal welfare aspects, in special consideration of expectations toward principles of health and killing of animals. We implemented the environment of slaughtering according to the strictest principles of European Union. Innovations were required on the level of farming to increase the standards of breeding in order to make production more efficient, considering that the requirements of animal protection are getting tighter. Prominent result of this project is an extraordinary development, which we carried out together with our Swiss partner. As a result, we have installed the system also known as „AKB”, short form of Aussen Klima Bereich in German meaning partial free-range (external climate, stall with runway, special feeding, decreased number of settled birds per square metre, special care, constant animal-protection and health traceability control; …, etc.). This new breeding method is stricter than as the regulations of European Union; this program ensures our breeding of live-stock according to the standards of Swiss regulation of animal protection and animal welfare as well as our processed products. The program comprehends the stall-feed and slaughtering conditions according to the highest requirements of animal welfare regulations. We are pleased to present our new program also known as „Extended shelf life” that as its name promises, means extended product shelf life on chilled goods. We have succeeded in using UV-C ray to decrease the presence of germs in order to reduce food-safety risks of our products and to extend the best before date of our packed products. Herewith we have gained advantages in the market competition and have acquired greater recognition with our pioneering efforts.